Friday, July 5, 2013

Everyone loves a little blue box....


This one was a special request for an engagement. It turned out great. I was so pleased with the color. The groom wanted to put the ring in the cake but it got too much cake on the ring. So we decided against it. I think I have solved that issue for future cakes. Can't wait to make another one.



It is all cake. The hotdog is made from cake scraps, nuts and honey and color all blended in a food processor and then shaped accordingly. The bun is a pound cake. Super easy.

I took one to an opening day party and people loved it. Although it took awhile before anyone would cut into it. It looks a little bit too real.


This is our family favorite for generations. It is a fluffy semi sweet chocolate cake with seven minute icing. The icing is sort of half way between a meringue and marshmallow. The chocolate on top is bitter sweet which really plays well with the super sweet icing.

Our big debate is always the extract flavor in the icing. I prefer almond but peppermint is good as well. We usually let the birthday person decide thier preference but have been know to flip a coin.

The only problem is that it does not hold well. It is best eaten really fresh and still warm. BUMMER EH!